As a manufacturer of flat gaskets, our employees have a great deal of know-how in the most varied requirements for the types of production. The geometry, the material and the number of pieces influence which type of produktion is chosen. Here there are the most different possibilities. Whether punched, cut, handcrafted or flanged versions, each employee has a broad knowledge of "his" maschine. The machine park currently has 19 machines (as of July 2016) which make us extremely flexible in production. These include the good old, but very proven manual work, various types od punches, plotters, strip cutters and automated production technology. A further component is the manufactured of flanged seals. Both external and internal flanges for a wide variety of geometries are manufactured in-house.

What can you expect from us?

  • - Fast quotation processing
  • - Short delivery times due to high storage volume
  • - A usage oriented consultation
  • - Quality products fitting your requirements
  • - High flexibility in production
  • - In urgent cases 24h service
  • - Qualified and motivated employees